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Loknath Ratho

Managing Director & CEO

    • Graduate in Mechanical Engineering
    • Formerly In-charge of Industrial Boilers Design in BHEL, Trichy. During his tenure BHEL has executed 70% of process steam boilers in all the process industries in India
    • Specialized in Boiler Performance Design and Proposals in BHEL, Trichy.
    • Trained in Combustion Engineering, USA for boiler performance design
    • 40 yrs Experience in Design, Layout, Engineering and commissioning of complete chemical recovery system.
    • Experienced in Site Construction and Operation and Maintenance of Boilers and Auxiliaries
    • Experienced in trouble shooting, renovation, modernization proposals and reliability improvement
    • Pioneered Chemical recovery system design, manufacture and supply to Indian Pulp & Paper Industry. Co-promoter of Enmas Group of companies. Instrumental in bringing the group to number one position in India for design, manufacture and supply of Chemical Recovery Island equipment.
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