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Foul Condensate Stripping System

NCG Stripping System.JPG

Foul Condensates generated from pulp mill and evaporators contain reduced sulphur (TRS) and methanol (MeOH) compounds which contribute to odour in the mill area and water pollution. If untreated they cannot be used in mill and therefore need to be sewered putting high load of BOD and toxicity in effluent treatment systems.


Thus these foul condensates are to be collected and treated by steam stripping for removal of pollutants and odour with a view to achieve more environmental friendly operational performance of the mill. Removed pollutants are converted as usable fuel.


Reotech Integrates Stripper plant with multiple effect evaporator system utilizing heat source from finisher vapours.

Key Benefits : 

  • Maximises steam economy

  • 98% TRS removal efficiency

  • 95% methanol removal efficiency

  • Upgrades foul condensate quality to secondary condensate quality.

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