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REOTECH Recovery Boiler

Recovery Boiler.JPG

Chemical Recovery Boiler is the heart of chemical recovery process which combusts concentrated black liquor to recover and regenerate cooking liquor.

REOTECH Recovery Boilers delivers optimum performance providing higher steam generation ratio maximizing chemical recovery and green power generation. Reotech Boiler features four level air system in the furnace, to ensure optimum combustion reducing emission and low carry over.

Reotech can design and supply Electrostatic Precipitator along with boiler.

Mill wide collected HVLC NCG can be integrated for combustion in recovery boiler reducing mill odours.

Reotech has the Knowledge and experience in recovery boiler design to suit the requirements.


Key Benefits :

  • Optimized Performance

  • Maximum possible thermal efficiency

  • Stable operations with higher Runnability

  • Improved Environmental Performance

  • Control Systems for safe operations

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