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REOTECH BL Evaporation Plant


Black liquor evaporation is the first part of the chemical recovery process as it significantly concentrates the dry solid content present in black liquor so that the liquor can be effectively combusted in recovery boiler and produce significant amount of energy.

REOTECH multiple effect Evaporators are free flow falling film type of 100% tubular heating surfaces having uniform liquor distribution utilizing crystallization technology removing non process elements with improved condensate segregation and online washing, which is well established having proven installations for higher concentration handling tough BL combination in India.

Stripper can be integrated with evaporator system for BOD removal utilizing vapours from finisher effect to maximize efficiency.

Key Benefits : 

  • Good Steam Economy and reduced power consumption

  • Higher BL outlet concentration

  • Improved Operation with higher availability

  • Improved Condensate Segregation

  • Clean Condensate utilization in mill conserving fresh water requirements

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