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LVHC NCG & SOG Handling System

LVHC NCG & SOG Collection & Handling System for JK Paper

LVHC NCG - Copy.jpeg
Reotech has designed, engineered and supplied Non Condensable Gas (NCG) collection and handling system to reduce the odours it emits into the atmosphere handling Stripper off gas (SOG) generated from stripper plant of evaporator plant and Low Volume High Concentration (LVHC) NCG gases generated from digester house and evaporator plant.

This will enable JK to effectively mitigate the NCG being environmental friendly meeting the regulations and having good relations with surrounding community.

The recovered NCG gases having heating value will be incinerated in Lime Kiln saving fuel consumption.

Mill Site Location: JK Paper Ltd, Unit: CPM, Songadh, Gujarat

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